Hogsmeade as pictured in the article announcing the draft.

"...they have devised a draft - a magical binding draft that enters every man who dwells in Hogsmeade (no matter their social standing) that is aged 17 and over into the pool."The Daily Prophet, May 1st, 1882

The DraftEdit

The draft was established in the spring of 1882 as part of the Ministry of Magic's efforts to find new land on which to expand the ever-growing Hogsmeade in the site-wide plot, The Hogsmeade Trail.

All men, aged seventeen or older—and regardless of family connections—were entered into a magically-binding draw: to break the bond meant death. They were then placed into groups to set out on their expidition.

The ProblemEdit

Unfortunately, "menaces" tweaked the selection process, and as a result, women were entered into the draft as well. In a world in which women are seen as physically (and sometimes socially) inferior, this caused quite a scandal.  Much of the blame was pointed towards Minister of Magic Darcy Potter, particularly after deaths and serious injuries began to mount up because of poor planning on the Ministry's part. The minister did his best to defend himself, reiterating again and again that he did not singularly have authority in the decision, and that it was proposed by an independent unit and supported by the Wizengamot.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Players were able to sign up characters of either gender who were at least seventeen years of age or older as of May 1st. All "volunteers" signed themself up into groups to play an Oregon Trail-style game. Initially, playing the game was the only way to get land in Irvingly, which was issued as a prize of sorts to participants. There was no limit to the number of characters a player could sign up, however each did have to be posted on the trail.