"There are delicate members of society who would do far better locked away from harm than they do exposed to the world as they must be now."
—Alexei Volkov in The Daily Prophet
Ivana Memorial Asylum
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Alexei Volkov


Alexei Volkov


Hawthorne Hollow, Irvingly

The Ivana Memorial Asylum is a Lunatic Asylum located on the outskirts of Irvingly for members of society suffering from mental ailments. The institute caters to muggles as well as wizards and witches.



Alexei Volkov commissioned the building which was built during 1882 though the plans for the building site were not revealed publicly until December 1st of 1882[1] in a Daily Prophet article. The designs were made by the architect, Mr. Orson Flint and the building work was finished in time for opening December 15th, 1882. 


In March of 1883, a magical patient escaped[2] from the asylum via the chimney. Since then, protective precautions have been increased making the Asylum inescapable. Several people apprehended by the law have been sent to the Ivana Memorial Asylum rather than Azkaban in the times since[3][4][5]


A brick building placed in a clearing and surrounded by an ornamental garden, Ivana Memorial Asylum is three stories in the main body with two story wings on either end. A clock tower stands from the center of the main portion of the asylum with a large, round face to its clock. The lobby is a primarily tasteful room, except for a life sized marble statue of the late Ivana de Havilland, whom the asylum is named for. Every possible precaution has been taken to prevent danger or escape, including bars on the windows, enchantments on the rooms, and fireproofing on the building. Patient quarters range, base on fee, from tiny rooms with two narrow beds and a shared clothes chest to lavish rooms with most of the comforts of home. At a distance of one mile from Irvingly, it is quiet and secluded, but not so far removed that it is at risk from the dangers in the mountains.

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