Situated in Salem Square, the Irvingly Infirmary was the brainchild of Felicity Riley who, tired of the "boring" life of a housewife, decided to give back to her community with her two greatest assets: her money and her skill as a healer. The project was announced in January of 1883, and the infirmary opened two months later. It caters to both magical and muggle maladies.
Irvingly Infirmary
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Felicity Riley


Felicity Riley
Thomas Riley


179 Piccadilly Lane, Salem Square


The infirmary offers services to both wizards and muggles, with staff on hand trained to deal with each. A healer is staffed—in addition to the Rileys—to help with magical ailments, while a muggle physician is on hand to deal with muggle illnesses. Nurses (magic and muggle) are trained to deal with minor ailments and to assist healers and physicians.

For those patients that must stay overnight, a cook is on hand to provide meals.

As of December '83, a muggle druggist is also on staff.


Styled to look like a large home, the Irvingly Infirmary has beds for up to a dozen patients—five gendered double-occupancy rooms and two more lavish single-occupancy rooms on the upper floors.  The attic contains small staff beds for those employees with no other home, or those needed to remain overnight, whilst the ground floor is home to the dining room, parlour, library, and two offices-cum-examination rooms. The exterior also boasts a small rear garden for those patients well enough to go out of doors.

With the exception of a living portrait of Aesclepius in the upstairs corridor, all decor in the house is non-magical.

In December of 1883, a small muggle druggist's office was added to the ground floor to help treat a wider range of conditions.


The day-to-day running of the infirmary, technically, is left to Mrs. Riley, however her time in the asylum saw her husband take on a more active role.  It is funded in part by the Rileys, but primarily by the Ministry of Magic and with auxiliary funds from Hogsmeade Hospital.