Hogsmeade Howlers
Also known as

The Howlers




Hawthorne Hollow

The Hogsmeade Howlers are a professional quidditch team based in Hawthorne Hollow . They are sponsored by Mitch Quiddel and presently captained by Arthur Pettigrew. The team's name was decided via a board-wide vote prior to their unveiling. 

Founding & Inagural SeasonEdit

The team was started in the fall of 1883. After the Quidditch World Cup left a stadium in the area, there was much speculation about what would be done with it. Eventually, the Daily Prophet announced that their sports columnist would be sponsoring a quidditch team for the area. Their first season was off to a rocky start—many of thier best players had been the poorer flyers on other teams—but they were able to find their stride.


  • Though called the Hogsmeade Howlers, the pitch is actually situated closer to Irvingly .
  • The team colors are red and pink.
  • The team's first captain was Arthur Pettigrew.