P.S: Mum says that if any of you get expelled, she's going to find the elder wand and bring your death from it. She also sends her love, and says she's cooking the good cookies for the holidays.

—Gabe Hatchitt in To All the Hatchitt Kids

The HatchittsEdit

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Beatrice & RufusEdit

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Duncan & EmiliaEdit

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Other StuffEdit

If a Hatchitt knows Gaelic, they learned it from Great-Uncle 'Stan Lee.' Beanie will put other stuff here sooner or later. (Sooner?)

Family MembersEdit

Rufus Hatchitt
Beatrice Hatchitt nee Podmore
Gabe Hatchitt
Molly Hatchitt
Tristan Hatchitt
Beatrix Hatchitt
Aaron Hatchitt
Jesse Hatchitt
Constance Hatchitt
Victoria Hatchitt
Josiah Hatchitt
Mercy Hatchitt
Lester Hatchitt
Duncan Hatchitt
Emilia Hatchitt nee Podmore
Noah Hatchitt
Tuesday Hatchitt nee Rohlwing
Helen Hatchitt
Harper Hatchitt
Judy Hatchitt

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